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Would you like to wake up every day with beautiful eyebrows, accentuated lips? We got you!

We are specialized in permanent make-up and always strive for a natural result. With our passion, perfectionism and expertise, we do everything we can to make our customers happy.

We know better than anyone how to emphasize your unique, natural beauty and that is also what sets us apart.


A filler is an effective means of filling folds and wrinkles. At Filler House we only work with soluble, temporary fillers based on hyaluronic acid. There are different types of fillers, each of which has its own specific properties for, for example, deeper grooves, fine lines or loss of volume. The duration of the effect depends on the product and the area to be treated. Filler House only works with approved and very safe products, which have more than extensively demonstrated their effect.

What does Botox do?

Since Botulinum toxin reduces muscle activity, it is ideal for reducing wrinkles caused by muscle contraction. By injecting it into the muscles in the face, the wrinkles that arise will disappear or reduce. In addition to this cosmetic application, Botox can also be used medically: migraines, teeth grinding and excessive sweating can be treated well.

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