PMU lips

Aquarelle Lips are currently the hit among influencers, especially in America. Known and unknown people already ignore the fillers and switch en masse to this latest technique. It gives a beautiful, full and natural look, without duck face!


Every woman's dream is to save the time spent in the mirror in the morning doing makeup and hiding the natural facial imperfections.

Permanent makeup, or rather, semi-permanent makeup, is also called cosmetic tattooing when used for making or perfecting eyebrows, eyeliners or lips and beauty spots. Permanent make-up is a new method that replaces decorative cosmetics by applying natural pigments with special devices to the top layer of the skin. Imagine that - make-up always done perfectly, naturally and without work. This contributes to confidence 24 hours a day!

How does it work?

Semi-permanent pigments are applied to the surface layer of the skin, designed to define and enhance natural facial features. The pigments are implanted using microfine needles, a process also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing. The effect of permanent makeup lasts 1 to 4 years. The pigment will gradually fade over time depending on factors such as age, sun exposure and general skin care; however, reloads can correct this

Permanent makeup technology allows you - for example - to adjust the size, density and width of the eyebrows (in the case of missing eyebrows, it can be remodeled from scratch). Eyes are marked by eye lines - their shape can be adjusted and their asymmetry can be overcome. The size, color and shape of the lips can also be adjusted.

Lipliner Contours

Our customers, especially those over the age of 40, are faced with the problem of a hazy, hazy lip contour. For these cases, we have a technique that emphasizes the shape of their own lips. The makeup master and the client choose the colors for the tattoo. Of course, natural shades are more suitable, which should coincide with the natural skin color of the lips. The contour will only emphasize the already beautiful lips, making them even more seductive.

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