Botox treatmentsPrice
Front & forehead (2 zones)€175
Frown, forehead & crow's feet (3 zones)€220
Crow's Feet€85
Lip flip€85
Eyebrow lift€85
Chin botox (no more pits in the chin)€75
Grind your teeth€200
BB Glow treatmentsPrice
BB Glow serum per treatment€87.50
BB Glow serum cure 3 treatments€250
BB Glow serum cure 5 treatments€400
BB Glow serum cure 10 treatments€650
Filler TreatmentsPrice Stylage
Lip volume 0.5 ml€ 150,-
Lip volume 1 ml€ 220,-
Lip volume 1,5 ml€ 310,-
Cheekbones 2 ml€ 420,-
Jawline 2 ml€ 420,-
Jawline 3 ml€ 575,-
Chin 1 ml€ 200,-
Nasal lip fold 1 ml€ 200,-
Cheeks 2 ml€ 420,-
Marionette lines 1 ml€ 200,-

TreatmentPrice Teosyal
Tear gutter€215

Filler package (NOTE excluding tear trough treatment)Price Stylage
2 ml€ 420,-
3 ml€ 575,-
4 ml€ 725,-
5 ml€ 850,-
6 ml€ 950,-
Kylie Jenner package 3.5 ml (jawline 2 ml, chin 1ml, lips 0.5ml)€ 600,-
Kim Kardashian package 6 ml (chin 1ml, cheekbones 2ml, jawline 2ml, lips 1ml)€ 950,-
Kendall Jenner package (tear gutter, lips 1ml)€ 350,-
Mister Elegant package 4 ml (chin 1 ml, jawline 3 ml)€ 725,-

Remove/resolve fillers from€100

PMU Lip treatmentsPrice
Aquarelle lips (incl. intake and follow-up treatment within 4-8 weeks)€250
Touch up (3-6 months after treatment)€100
Touch up (6 months to 1.5 years after treatment)€150 -
Touch up (for treatment elsewhere or within 2 years)€ 200,-
Solvent fillersPrice
Dissolving lip fillersFrom €100
Lipo InjectionsPrice
Double chin 1st session€350
Double chin 2nd session€250
Double chin 3rd session€200
Other areas of the body€150
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Camouflage dark circlesPrice
First treatment€250
Second treatment or more€125
Powder BrowsPrice
Powder Brows 3h€250
Color boost within 6 months€75
Color boost within 1 year€125
Color boost within 2 years€175
Microneedling per treatment€87.50
Microneedling cure 3 treatments€250
Microneedling cure 5 treatments€400
Microneedling cure 10 treatments€650
Skin boostersPrice
Profhilo Anti-Aging€ 253,-
Remove skin wartsPrice
15 minutes€70

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