Dark circles (camouflage)

Dark circles under the eyes can hinder your life.

Would you like to see yourself in the mirror without those dark circles?


With our camouflage technique flown in from Brazil, we can camouflage dark circles under the eyes with specially developed pigments that do not change color over the years or by tanning or tanning.

It is a technique that works progressively (step by step) on the contrast of the color between your skin and the color of the imperfection that we are going to camouflage.

These are fixed in the skin to get rid of your dark circles!

On average 2-3 sessions are needed, of course this varies from person to person and there may be instances where we need multiple sessions


After 30 days, the next session can be performed


On average after 2-3 sessions, follow-up sessions are NECESSARY


- 48h no contact with water

- 3 weeks no facial treatments, laser treatments, solarium, sauna or hammam

- after 5 days protect the dark circles daily with the SPF100+ (available from us at the counter) stick in the morning and evening

- 10 days no make-up 

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