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PDO Thread Lift

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A PDO Thread Lift is a cosmetic treatment for a younger appearance, without surgery. That is why it is also the non-surgical alternative to a facelift. Sagging skin of the cheeks, jawline and neck is subtly lifted and strengthened. The PDO (polydioxanone) threads that are placed under the skin surface stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and provide a lifting effect and tighter skin.

So does the slackness in your face bother you? Then a PDO Thread Lift can offer a solution!

PDO Thread Lift PDO Thread Lift

Who is a PDO Thread Lift treatment suitable for?

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The effect of a thread lift treatment depends on the amount of collagen that can still be produced by the body. The treatment is best suited for people between the ages of 30 and 40 with minimal skin sagging. Because the threads dissolve completely, you can enjoy the extra collagen and the improvement in skin structure for about a year.

A thread lift or injectables?

With wires it is possible to do some real physical pulling. In some cases it is even possible to make asymmetry due to facial paresis (facial paralysis) as good as symmetrical again. If you want to give your cheeks more volume with fillers, the combination with threads is ideal. For example, the skin slackening is corrected with threads, the collagen stimulation is initiated and the loss of volume is filled with fillers. Because collagen production is generally better in young people than in the elderly, the threads have even more effect. It gives the skin a beautiful glow that is comparable to the effect of fillers, but without the volume.

Benefits of PDO Thread Lift

The thread lift treatment is quick and you have little to no recovery time. You can often return to work in the same week of your treatment. In addition, it is affordable and less invasive than a facelift. However, the results are more subtle, because no underlying tissue layers are lifted, as is the case with a facelift.

How does the PDO Thread Lift treatment work?

First of all, you will be anesthetized with a quick-acting anesthetic gel on the area to be treated. Then the PDO thread is placed under the skin with a thin injection needle. Once it's in place, the needle is removed, leaving the thread under the skin. You cannot see the thread, because it is placed in the subcutaneous connective tissue. After a few months, the thread is completely dissolved and during this process collagen forms around the thread, strengthening your skin. The treatment itself only takes half an hour.

PDO Thread Lift

The effects of PDO Thread Lift

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Depending on your age and skin condition, the effects are visible for 12 to 24 months. You will immediately see the effect after your treatment. However, slight swelling may occur in the treated area. This swelling disappears after a few days to two weeks, after which the effect seems less. After 6-8 weeks, collagen production has started and the full effect can be seen.

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Price list

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Consultation/post-check PDO Thread lift Schedule appointment € 0,-
PDO eyebrow/cateye lifts from Schedule appointment € 150,-
PDO lifts cheeks from Schedule appointment € 150,-
PDO lifts face from Schedule appointment € 150,-
PDO lifts neck or décolleté from Schedule appointment € 150,-