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Skinbooster treatments

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Make your skin shine with our skinbooster treatments! 

With a skinbooster treatment we make your skin shine again using a unique composition of hyaluronic acid. FillerHouse skinboosters provide fresh, firm and radiant skin. Do you want to get rid of your fine lines or wrinkles? A skin booster treatment is also ideal for that!

Which skin booster treatments does FillerHouse offer?

At FillerHouse you can choose between two types of skinbooster treatments; the Profhilo anti-aging treatment and the Lumi Eyes treatment. Both treatments reduce the volume and elasticity of the skin, resulting in a beautiful glow and renewal of the skin!

Skinbooster treatments | FillerHouse Skinbooster under your eyes

Profhilo anti aging treatment

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Get tight skin with a Profhilo anti-aging treatment that helps heal wrinkles from the inside out.

How does it work?

Profhilo stimulates elastin (extensibility), collagen (firmness) and subcutaneous fat. It is a unique composition of hyaluronic acid, but not a filler. The hyaluronic acid activates the skin's own elastin and collagen. This ensures that the skin improves, but the appearance does not change. After all, it does not add volume to the face. The skin becomes firm and healthy again in the different skin layers, resulting in a beautiful glow!

What does Profilo do?

  • Stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and even adipose tissue
  • Reduces fine lines and acne  
  • Firms the skin

Treatment with Profhilo

For the best result, more than one treatment is required. The second treatment takes place one month after the first treatment. After the second treatment, the production of collagen and elastin increases even further. Long-lasting results can be achieved by repeating the treatment approximately every 6 months. This way you keep your radiant skin and fine lines are faded.

Is a Profhilo treatment suitable for me?

Our Prohfilo anti-aging treatment is suitable for people from the age of 30 who suffer from skin aging, loss of volume in the face or dry, dull or tired skin.


The aftercare of a Profhilo treatment is comparable to the aftercare of a filler treatment. We do not recommend a visit to the sauna and/or tanning bed. It is also best to avoid intensive sporting activities immediately after the treatment.

The price of a Profhilo treatment is €253,-. Schedule your appoitment here!

Lumi Eyes treatment

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Dark circles and fine lines under your eyes are a thing of the past!

Tired of dark circles under your eyes, drooping eyelids or wrinkles around your eyes? With the Lumi Eyes treatment we ensure that you look more youthful, fresher and more confident!

Lumi eyes
Mesotherapy Lumi eyes

What is a Lumi Eyes treatment?

Lumi Eyes is a treatment that is used to reduce aging or fatigue around the eyes. During this treatment we inject a small amount of polynucleotide using a very thin needle. This liquid has a strong tissue-regulating effect. We also call this treatment a mesotherapy treatment, and it is a non-surgical solution.

Stunning results

A small procedure for a stunning result! With the Lumi Eyes treatment you ensure that;

  • dark circles and bags disappear;
  • reduce drooping eyelids;
  • wrinkles and fine lines are less visible;
  • you stimulate the production of collagen and elastin;
  • improves skin elasticity.

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Price list

Treatment Price: Edit
Profhilo anti-aging Schedule appointment € 253,-
Profhilo anti-aging 2 treatments Schedule appointment € 450,-
Lumi Eyes Schedule appointment € 175,-