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Skin bumps removal

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Are you suffering from skin tags and/or birthmarks? Have them removed at FillerHouse and become the most beautiful version of yourself.

Remove skin tags Remove skin tags

What is a skin tag?

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A skin tag (fibroma) is a small growth on the skin. Usually they are skin-colored and a few millimeters in size. They usually occur in the neck, armpits, groin and on the eyelids.

Remove skin tags

With the diathermy method we are able to remove fibroids (skin tags) easily, painlessly and permanently. With the tip of the needle, the areas to be treated are carefully touched and the skin tags disappear through denaturation. However, we do not carry out these treatments in the sunny summer months due to the weather and pigment shifts!


Remove birthmarks

A birthmark is an accumulation of pigment-producing cells in the skin; a completely natural phenomenon. Sometimes they are in a spot that you don’t like or they have an irregular shape. Then removal is a good option!

We remove as many skin tags and/or birthmarks as possible in one session.

Remove skin tags

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Price list

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Remove skin tags/birthmarks per 5 minutes from Schedule appointment € 25,-